Most men want respect, success and sex in life. But women are way different when it comes to choosing a partner as they are generally very vigilant and judgemental. There are certain qualities in men that attract women of all ages and types. Here are 5 such qualities that women expect in men:

1. Etiquettes
Although etiquettes is something every human being must have. However, girls are generally more clear cut with this and expect boys to be well-mannered and have basic dining, communicating and sitting etiquettes.


2. Respectful
No matter what you give to a woman, if you don’t respect her, she can never get attracted to you. Respecting a woman for whatever she is and however she behaves is of utmost importance to her. So, make sure you always respect her on the first place.

3. Sense of humour
Seriousness apart, sense of humour is another important quality, every woman looks for in a man. It is so because there has to be times when she would require someone to joke around to make her smile and also don’t feel bad when she jokes.

4. Hygiene
This cannot be underrated. Hygiene is an unavoidable quality every woman would emphasize upon. If you can’t keep yourself clean, can’t bath regularly or wear tidy clothes, she won’t get attracted to you

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Aastha Kochar

Aastha Kochar

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