We have friends, we have enemies and we also have frenemies. These are those so called friends who don’t really like or or feel jealous of us, yet try to seem friendly. In this blog, let us talk about signs by which you can identify if a person is jealous of you.

1. False compliments
It is not like your frenemies or those jealous of you won’t appreciate you. They will do, but that compliment would be fake. You would easily identify by their expression or your intuition. Fake things just reflect as fake, they can’t seem genuine.


2. Copy cat
People who are jealous of you will not leave any chance to copy you. If they are jealous of your clothing sense, they’ll shop similar ones, dress similar way and post similar pictures. If they are jealous of your success, they will work similar to you.

3. Keep a check
If someone is jealous of you, he or she will surely give their best in following you physically, or by social media. They may be checking your stories from accounts. Basically they act as silent spectators.

4. Compete
Jealous people will always tend to compete with you in everything and try to beat you. Instead of seeing their own performance, they will see yours and change theirs’ as per yours.

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