4 Signs of chemistry between a man and a woman

Love just doesn’t happen, it all starts with chemistry. If you meet someone and your world slows down, things became Beautiful and special, you start getting goose bumps and you feel like the other person is also feelings somewhat the same, it is all what chemistry is about.

Before you fell for anyone or come into a serious relationship, check for for these signs to see if at all there’s any chemistry between you two, and then proceed

1. Body language
Body language is honest, and it says beyond words. When in chemistry, your body will naturally before differently. For example, leaning towards the other, licking lips, or crossing and uncrossing legs frequently.

2. Smile
When you are together, you cannot resist yourself from smiling. Not by talking, but just by seeing each other, if you both constantly giggle or try to hide your smile, there’s some chemistry going on for sure.

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3. Don’t want to leave
These longings of not being able to go apart, or simply counting hours and minutes to meet each other, attending all the events where your partner will be going, and always finding ways to meet, says a lot.

4. Eye Contact
Eyes speak so much about the bond. The way you look at the other, tells your feelings for them. When you have chemistry with someone, you’ll naturally be staring at them even when they aren’t watching you. And the same would be with the other person. You guys won’t spare a single chance to look at each other no matter what you do.

If you can find at least two of these signs, go for it!!

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