In the previous article we mentioned what is keto diet and how you can follow it. In this, we would talk about its benefits. i.e why you should follow it.
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Benefits of Keto Diet

Reduces appetite
By consuming less carbohydrates, you naturally suppress your hunger. This in turn enables you to confine less carbs and therefore lose weight.

Reduces acne
A common reason for acne is imbalance of blood sugar. Taking a less carbohydrate-nutrient diet and consuming less refined sugar can definitely help reduce acne.

Improves PCOS symptoms
Pcos is triggered by imbalance in hormones or any similar issues. By following keto diet, you can manage symptoms of pcos such as acne, irregular periods, baldness etc.

Helps manage diabetes
People with diabetes have high blood sugar levels and both blood sugar levels and insulin can be managed well by following keto diet , which is low in carbohydrates.

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