4 Things You Must Never Use On Face

There is so much on internet you will find as ‘instant remedies’ for skin, hair and what not. But if you try some of the worstly claimed items, you may find disastrous results.
So what are those things you should never try on your face to keep it young and beautiful? Read further to know:

1.Hair spray
Some people claim to use hair spray in place of makeup-setting spray. But trust me, doing that can severely cause damage to your skin as hair spray contains alcohol. It can drain the moisture of your face and cause irritation and acne flairs. However, makeup spray sets your make up, while also killing bacteria.

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2. Soap
Soap is made to cleanse body, not face. Things that workout for your rest of the body may not necessarily work for face. This is because the pH level of your face is different from that of your body. Soap can use excessive dryness to your face.

3. Glue
You must have seen people removing black heads with fevicol or glue, just don’t do that. It contains harmful chemicals that can cause allergy or redness to your skin, especially if it is sensitive.

4. Expired products
No matter how often you apply make-up, you must not use any product after it is expired. Using products after they got expired can severely damage your skin.

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