4 Things you must not do on your first date

Many people take dates so causally that they end up single. First date is really that point of time that decides whether you are going to go along or away. So, make sure you do not commit the following mistakes:

1. Talk about ex
NO! Don’t just keep talking about your ex partner, relationship, breakup and feelings for your ex. Yes, if the person specifically asks you about it, then reveal.

2. Be over-talkative
Yes, you should initiate conversation and not keep it boring or quiet. However, you must also make sure you don’t dominate the conversation or make them feel not involved.

3. Engage in intercourse
Being too involved romantically or having an intercourse on first date can leave a bad impression. You never know how the other person things about it, so it is always better to not do it.

4. Busy with phone
This can be the worse of all. Dating someone for the first time and not giving them attention? But instead busy with your Instagram DMs or Facebook feed? JUST DON’T DO THAT! Use your phone only if urgent.

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Aastha Kochar

Aastha Kochar

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