Trust is really important in relationships. You and your partner may have promised to share each and everything with one another. But, should you really share everything? No! There are certain things that you must never share with your partner as it may lead your relationship into trouble. So, these are:

1. Feelings for his parents
You may hate his mom for some reasons, or she may act with you in a way you don’t like. But do you thing share it with your partner will resolve everything? Say a negative word about her to him and you are done. Try to resolve things on your own instead of indulging him, unless it is too serious or toxic.


2. Feelings for ex partner
It is okay to take time to move ahead. You may miss your ex for many reasons but telling this to your present partner can really hurt him or her. You can tell them about your past relationships but do not make it a topic to discuss frequently.

3. Their flaws
Everybody makes small mistakes, he may not be good with his english, she may not be good at driving. Do not pin point that or compare your partner with any other person. It can really mess their mood and confidence. Instead, help them be better at it without making them feel inferior.

4. Bank statements
You don’t need to tell your partner about all your spendings. You just don’t need to tell them how much and for what you spent at parlour. Yes! You do not need to show them your bank statements.

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