Many-a-times it is just little things that touch heart and destroy relationships. It is easy to say sorry but not easy to forget what has touched our emotions. Thus, it is always better to be cautious while speaking, than regretting about it later. If you are into a relationship, you should never say the below mentioned things to your partner:

  1. XYZ is better than you

No one likes being compared. Imagine your guy telling you that abc girl is much better than you or looks better than you. How would you feel? Of course it would hurt you! Never ever tell your other half that they aren’t as good as any of your ex or friend, no matter how angry you are at that point of time.

  1. You don’t have a class

Who would want to listen that they don’t have a standard? No matter what class they belong to, you don’t have the right to tell them they don’t belong to a high class. If you feel like living a life which he or she isn’t able to give you, choose to leave instead of making them feel low about their self.

  1. He/ She was right, you don’t…

Maybe you found that your partner did something which your friends already warned you about. Maybe they did something that hurted you. But there’s obviously a way to keep your point. If you tell them that someone already said something bad or suspicious about them then it only make them more angry towards that person to ignite you. It may also cause conflicts between you and the third person.

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  1. You never gave me happiness

What could be worse than listening from your partner that you could never keep them happy? I don’t think they could feel hurt by any other thing. It might be possible you are angry or frustrated about something. But does that mean you could tell them that they didn’t do anything to bring smile on your face? NEVER SAY THAT!

  1. I don’t want to be with you

NEVER EVER SAY that you want to break up or don’t want to stay with them (unless you have made the final call.) While you may be upset and say it out of emotions, your partner may not be able to hear this or take a serious step.

Conflicts are a part of every relationship. Ensure that you don’t say things that your other half may feel bad about or they end up breaking up.

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