4 types of Sleepers

Having a good sleep is as important for the proper functioning of the body as breathing and eating. One should make a target of sleeping at least 6-7 hours daily as lack of sleep can have an adverse effect on your health. According to research, an average human being spends about one-third on their life sleeping. This means that if you are 75 years old, you would have spent 25 years of your life sleeping.

All of us have a sleeping position in which we feel relaxed and comfortable. Let’s look at different sleeping styles, you may have encountered.



  • The cuddler

They are the ones who can’t sleep without hugging anyone. They generally tend to sleep while being cozy with someone. If sleeping alone, they always have a teddy bear or a soft toy with whom they can cuddle in the night.

  • The crawler

Though the person is not exactly crawling, they move so much in the bed that they end up all over the bed. They find it difficult to share their sleeping space with someone as they have a habit of touring the whole bed while sleeping.

  • The animal lover

Some people are very much attached to their pets and can’t sleep without them. The pets are cuddly, furry, warm and loving. Sleeping with animals gives humans a feeling of belongingness and helps in battling loneliness.

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  • The blanket thief

As their name suggests they are someone who loves to have the whole blanket for themselves. It can be annoying to share a bed with such people as they tend to steal the blanket at nights which leads to you waking up.

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