4 Ways to Build Stage Confidence

All powerful theatrical performances are driven by confidence. And a big part of helping to develop that confidence is your preparation. Other significant elements that affect your total performance are experience, encouragement, and stage attire. A better performer makes the most of their advantages and strives to strengthen their inadequacies. Follow these some confidence-building tips if you’re planning to perform on stage for the first time without any prior experience.

1. The audience, not you, is the focus of the performance

Forgetting that it’s about you is an effective way to feel confident on stage and give a terrific performance. Always remember that your audience and their feelings are important.


2. Practice

As you practise, the setting will become more familiar to you. Familiarity promotes comfort, which is a crucial component of confidence. Whether performing a musical piece or the samba, memorising your movements takes numerous hours of practise. Nothing else can take the place of practise. Additionally, practise aids in avoiding errors that could otherwise undermine your confidence.

The way you practise is quite important as a confidence-boosting technique. It will be preferable to keep the rehearsal session as similar to a genuine concert as possible, when you perform the entire sets for an audience that may or may not include other members of your group.

3. Start with less popular or small public events

It is advised to start with less stressful, smaller public performances if this would be your first time performing on stage. This is an effective method for gradually gaining the self-assurance needed to enter the stage of a big show.

4. Keep looking into the audience’s eyes

Your audience will feel alienated if you don’t stay in touch with them. A great stage presence is all about interacting with the audience in an efficient manner, and eye contact is one kind of communication. Eye contact helps you express your feelings. The first time you take the stage, you probably won’t feel comfortable. It is preferable to display nervousness than to display no emotion at all.

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