4 Ways to Overcome Your Partner’s Past

You’ve probably dealt with jealousy at some point, especially in romantic relationships. It’s rather common to experience moments of insecurity or anxiety that your partner might start to show interest in someone else.

What about uncertainty regarding prior partners of your relationship, though? It turns out that this is referred to as retroactive jealousy. It alludes to resentment over your partner’s past relationships.

Here are 4 ways to deal with it.

Accept and give meaning to your emotions

Simply recognising and embracing a tough emotion is a crucial first step in moving through it. Even if it doesn’t feel pleasant, envy is a natural, healthy emotion.

Consider yourself in their shoes

You want your relationship to work because you love your partner. Your feelings regarding their past may be influenced, at least in part, by this desire.

However, consider your own past. You most likely have a few ex-spouses as well. What do you think of them now?

You should not dig

Most people give in to the temptation to peruse their partner’s social media profiles in search of images and remarks from previous relationships.

Going back over months or even years of social media history is different from paying attention to the most recent postings your partner makes, which is one thing. Even if many individuals do it, it is not healthy.

Speak with your partner

There is no avoiding it: When it comes to working with tough emotions, such as jealousy, open communication is crucial.


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