SNAPKIT – The Snapchat developer kit!

One of the major news in the past week has been about the speculations of Snapchat unveiling its developer kit!

Is the news true?

In 2010, Facebook had launched its developer kit which was a huge success to plethora of developers. And soon the eyes of many hawks were hunting for Snapchat in order to try and capture it. But Snapchat never revealed its precious Augmented Reality features for obvious reasons.

Well not anymore.

According to TechCrunch, rumor has it that Snapchat has started preparing for the launch of its first ever, complete developer kit, also known as the Snapkit which could be advantageous to many developers.

Thus, yes, the news could be true that Snapchat would join Facebook, Apple, etc. in producing a developer kit to the world.

So, don’t freak out when you see the wordings, ‘Login with Snapchat’ on your favorite apps or platforms in the near future.

What’s so great about it?

Few might consider “okay it’s just another developer kit, so what’s the big deal?

Snapchat has always been one of the easiest modes of socializing through snaps/animations/images or even videos. The camera is faster as well as simple to use; and people tend to keep Streaks which makes one send countless number of snaps.

  • It has various types of features and iterations which gives a more realistic view of images and thus shows many camera or animation tricks.
  • Just imagine a scenario wherein, you could not only use the most effective and famous Augmented Reality animations or camera lenses, but use the very own Snapchat for Login credentials in various other platforms as well!
    Yes, Snapkit is surely going to portray that scenario.
  • Instead of developing a camera feature that is not very powerful, with Snapkit, the developers could host Snapchat’s camera directly.
    Wait! There’s more.
  • Earlier, Snapchat had declined the offer of $3billion from Facebook. Now, they might give Facebook a run for their money especially after all the privacy issues, since Snapchat login credentials could be done with better privacy features.
  • Snapchat asks for very less personal information compared to other platforms like Facebook, hence there would be no or lesser leaked details, when and if there is an interruption or breach.
    So, everyone, from youngsters to celebrities, would in fact use Snapchat in order to feel private as well as secure.
  • In 2016, Snapchat had acquired Bitstrips, or the commonly known – ‘Bitmojis’ for $100 million, which have many innovative and fun avatars. With Bitmoji, not only can a person send creative avatars or emojis but Snapchat also allows the Bitmojis as the profile photos. These are one of the unique features which isn’t copied by Instagram or Facebook.
    Hence Bitmoji along with Shazam could also be a link to the Snapchat users via various platforms.
  • Due to Snapchat’s tremendous growth in the augmented reality filters, many developers are already in the talks of integrating with Snapkit at the earliest.
    However, the news on who would be investing or who are planning on a deal with Snapchat isn’t yet confirmed but surely, there could be many interesting surprises soon.

Hence, keeping all this in mind, wouldn’t you agree that Snapkit is indeed a huge deal?
So, while you wait for more updates, make sure to get your Snaps intact now! Because as Snapchat says, “Life is more fun when you live in the moment.”


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