5 Advantages of Video Conferencing

In the times of Covid-19, video conferencing has emerged as a life-saver as it helps the organizations in hosting the meetings and discussions with their employees or clients residing anywhere across the globe. In simpler words, Video Conferencing is the technology where a conference is conducted with two or more people at multiple locations for the purpose of communication. Consumer services like Microsoft’s Skype, Google’s Duo or Hangouts, Zoom, and Apple’s FaceTime have video conferencing as an essential feature on the device used.

One thing to note here is that video conferencing is slightly different from video calls and one should see to it that we don’t confuse ourselves with the two terms. As you are now aware about what video conferencing is, read this article further to know about the benefits of this technology.

Advantages of Video Conferencing

Lesser travels

Video conferencing has made it easier for people who had to travel frequently for conferences. As this technology gives a facility to conduct a conference at the comfort of your home or office, a large number of business trips have been cut short.

Anytime conference

There is no time constraint to conduct a video conference. It can be conducted whenever there is a requirement. Even if the members are in different parts of the world, all they have to do is log in from their machines.

Better communication

It is possible to communicate through images, texts, audio, and video in video conferencing. This gives an added advantage of better clarity of the idea being conveyed. Screen sharing in real-time is also possible in case further explanation is necessary.

Video Conferencing

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Time and money saver

As discussed above, video conferencing has reduced the need for business trips. Previously a lot of money was spent on travel, food, and accommodation. Traveling long distances just for a meeting would also mean a lot of time waste. All these have been addressed with this facility which helps you attend a meeting anywhere.

Increases productivity

Fast and better communication contributes to better productivity. It creates a favorable working environment where people can conduct a conference whenever necessary. So there is no confusion about ideas since everybody can log in from wherever they are and be updated.

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