5 Basic tips for women’s health and beauty care

Are you looking forward towards a healthy lifestyle? The journey can begin with making little changes in your lifestyle , and give you really great results.

Following are some tips to it:
1- Follow a healthy diet
Heart disease and strokes is among the most common death- causing factors acriss the world. The chances even increase if you are obese, and consume oily food on frequent basis. So your first step towards improving diet should be to cut down your calorie- consumption, intake more of whole grains, fruits and vegetables and give up processed food, saturated fat, excess sugar and salt from your diet.

2-Exercise Every Day
Exercise is a key requirement to a healthy body. Today, our lifestyle has become sedentary, which leads to a number of diseases. Exercising can help boost heart health, muscle and bone strength and keep you active.
Pick with any of your favourite sport or activity like swimming, running or even brisk walking. In the initial days, aim at doing it for 25-30 minutes everyday.

3-Lose Weight
A healthy weight is extremely important to keep your body healthy. People with obesity are at much higher risk of developing heart diseases, type 2 diabetes and cancer. Thus, aim at losing 5% of your weight , not by starving yourself but by following a healthy diet as well as active lifestyle.

4-Cut Down Your stress
Stress has become a common part of our lives now. Work load, household chores, extra curriculars, everything contribute to stress and therefore detoriating our mental health. Do not aim at doing everything altogether. Break down your work and make a schedule. Do not over-think and give yourself stress. Exercise, meditate, yoga, massage, music can help with the same. Also, avoid drinking and smoking. Also, ensure that you take adequate sleep.

5- Skincare routine
Skin care is an essential part of every woman’s life. Moisturizing your skin every morning and night is a must to keep it healthy.
Try keeping your makeup minimal, and do not forget to remove makeup before sleeping. Also, Don’t ever miss out your sunscreen before moving out in sun!

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