5 best apps for healthy lifestyle

How do you track your healthy lifestyle? In today’s digital world, we replace our journals with apps. The healthy lifestyle apps can help keep the most accurate records and tracks to ensure we reach our desired goal and maintain our health. Here are the best 5 apps for your smartphone to track your healthy lifestyle.


30/30 Timer App

It is a task oriented app to keep track of time for you by organizing your day in 30 minute intervals. Set up your tasks as a list, reorganize them when you need it and let the app remind you to keep up with time. If you’re someone who works from home, it can be specifically helpful in planning the entire day for you and scheduling your breaks.



Elevate is an app for the brain. It is a training program that can help you to increase your focus and memory and even the processing skills. It comes packed with brain training games that you can play during your free time and make it more productive. Download the app and get a personalized training program that adjusts with your brain and increases your efficiency.


Fabulous: Self Care

This self-care app helps you build healthier habits and adapt them as a lifestyle. It focuses on your sleep, focus level, weight loss making your more productive overall. Get this all-rounder app and take a step towards the healthy lifestyle you always wanted. You can choose your journey through the app and let it guide you with the process.


Symple Symptom Tracker

Symple Symptom Tracker is a health tracker app. It tracks your bodily health and can also be used to check illnesses. To keep a check on your health, track eating and sleeping habits with this app. Track your feelings and check for symptoms if any so you know when to schedule your next doctor’s appointment.


My Diet Coach

My Diet Coach helps you to find your motivation for a healthier lifestyle to make healthier lifestyle changes. If you are planning to change your lifestyle to lose some weight, get this app to track it and avoid the procrastination and food cravings. It also includes features like panic button for your cravings and offers inspiring quotes and tips to help you.


The motivation towards a healthier lifestyle is now in your hands. Get the app you need to fight the difficulties you face to achieve your goal and make things easier.


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