5 best desserts in the world to treat your taste buds

Desserts don’t go into the stomach, they go to the heart. That sweet craving after the dinner is what drives you to the local supermarket to pick up ice cream. There are hundreds of kinds of desserts all across the world to serve you pleasure at its best. Here is a list of five must try desserts from across the world for the sweet toothed.


New York cheesecake, United States

This is the most iconic dessert, the king of pastries from New York. It has a light crumb topped by rich creaminess. So simple, yet amazing. Unlike other kinds of cheesecakes in the world, the classic cheesecake from New York doesn’t come with loaded toppings of flavors. It just contains a hint of vanilla extract or lemon zest allowing the aroma of eggs, cheese and sugar to stay.


Qatayef, Middle East

Coming from the Middle East, it is one of the most popular desserts during Ramadan. It has a pancake type of base but griddled only on one side, serving you a golden fried crust with tender filling. The stuffing comprises a mixture of fresh cheese, dried fruits, nuts or cream and scented with cinnamon or rose water. If you have a sweet tooth, now you know when to visit the Middle East for the best Qatayefs.


Tiramisu, Italy

Tiramisu literally translates to “pick me up” and you cannot resist to pick it up. It is now famous all across the world but for the authentic taste, Italy is it. This pastry has creamy layers of whipped mascarpone cradle coffee-soaked ladyfingers. It is the perfect combination of cream, coffee, chocolate, and sometimes even liquor.


Trifle, United Kingdom

Trifle is a traditional dessert from the UK. It is a heavy layered sponge cake soaked in sherry and contains alternate layers of jam and custard topped with whipped cream. This is the sweetest and probably the most filling dessert. It doesn’t seem like much hard work to make a perfect trifle as long as the flavors are rich and appetizing to the heart.


Gulab Jamun, India

These deep fried treats are not simple doughnuts. Gulab jamuns are made by deep frying dough mixed with khoya and milk and is then soaked in sweet sugar syrup infused with roses and cardamom seeds. These sweet syrupy treats are famous all across in India and used for all kinds of celebrations from Diwali to Eid.


Treat yourself, these calories don’t count.




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