5 Best Gifts for Mother’s day 2020

No matter how many times we say ‘i love you’ to our mothers, it’s never enough! Our mothers live their lives selflessly. And during this unprecedented times, resulting in lockdown, they have been working tirelessly too. Mother’s day that is falling on 10th May this year, is a great opportunity to gift something to your mother.
Yess! You can gift her even during lockdown. And the below mentioned gifts will be much more lovely to her than the market-bought:

1- Bake a cake!
Maybe you buy and bring a cake for her every year. But what is your could make it on your own? Don’t know how to cook? Or don’t have those complicated ingredients available ? NO EXCUSES this time!! You can bake oreo cake which is super easy and requires just two ingredients!! Oreo biscuits and milk.

2- Household chores
She works the entire day. Why not give her a day off, when you are home?
Don’t let her enter the kitchen or clean rooms. Just ensure she doesn’t leave her bed and you serve her everything she needs. Wake up a little early and finish all the chores along with your siblings and father. Also, prepare her favourite food for lunch or dinner.

3- What she loves!
There might be at least one thing which she loves doing like watching anu Netflix series or any tv series or anything she enjoyed doing but discontinues for you, such as painting? Give her those moments back. Let her enjoy herself!

4- DIY
Make a DIY card or explosion box for what you have available at your home. Express your love for her and place your most memorable photographs from childhood to present.

5- Make the day memorable
Do every possible thing that will let her remember this day for her entire life. Ask her to dress up and party!! From cooking her favourite food to playing music, dance party and selfie session, give it all to her!

Hope she has a happy day! We wish her Happy Mother’s day to each and every mother out there.

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