5 Best Makeup Tips For Women Over 50

Everyone loves to do makeup – be it young girls or aged people. However, here are 5 best makeup tips for women over 50.

1. Take Care Of Your Skin

You need less makeup if you have healthier skin and the secret to good skin-care is very easy. Use moisturizer to keep your skin hydrated and radiant. Use Retinol which helps in decreasing wrinkles. Use sunscreen on your face, neck, hands, and other exposed areas so that sunlight doesn’t affect your skin and the risk of pigmentation, sun spots, and blemishes get decreases. Most importantly, take off the make-up before going to sleep with a fresh face. Otherwise make-up will be there all-over on your pillows.

2. Use Conceal And Moisturize

To prepare your skin, use moisturizer and concealer and this is the first step in any makeup for those in their 50s. Always use this step because moisturizer and concealer help to plump up the skin which makes your fine lines less visible.

3. Chose The Right Foundation

Select The Right Foundation for the 50s is not a big deal as they should go for The Dewy LookPinit. This is the light on the foundation. However, it is good to use a CC cream because it helps to cover the imperfections of the skin impeccably and improves the texture of the skin also.

4. Don’t Use Face Powder

Too much face powder can damage your skin and it looks cakey and make the wrinkles more prominent. It is better to use creamy formulas which is beneficial for the aged people. Be it a foundation, blush, or any other makeup item for your face, chose only cream-based things.

5. Plump Up Your Lips

A lip gloss will give a plump look at this age. Lipstick or other things wouldn’t go well as the lips become thin in the 50s.

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