5 Best night-time habits for quality sleep

Relaxing our body and mind becomes important in order keep it healthy. Thus, quality sleep for around 7-8 hours is a must.

But, even the activities you do before sleeping has a major role in the quality of sleep you will have, which will ultimately affect your next day.

Following are 5 best night-time routines that can help improve your sleep.

1- Plan your next day:
Before you sleep, plan out your tomorrow. List out all the tasks you need to do, including the routine ones. By prioritising them, you’ll make it easier for the next day ans therefore be clear and relaxed about it. You can also consider your today’s schedule and work done, in order to plan better.

2-Read books:
Reading books is one of the best night time activity you can do. If you have a habit of book reading, you know it already. Books give you a personal space, separating you from the rest of the world. It keeps you time to relax and just enjoy your book.

3-Binaural beats:
Not everyone knows about binaural beats, but it’s not a new concept. Just type it out on youtube and you’ll find hundreds of videos with calm and relaxing music in the background. Plug in your earphones and close your eyes. You’ll feel so light and forget about all your worries.

4-Make time to reflect:
Take out time to look on what all you did today. How did you spend your day, who were the people you interacted with, and how much productive hours did you spend. Also count on the number of things that gave happiness to you or your loved ones. Feel better about yourself and go to sleep.

5-Create a shut-down ritual:
Today, technology has made our work easy but in return made us more engaged in our works even in non-working hours. In order to have a quality sleep, we must fix a time to shut-down all our work and technology. Get yourself out of your mails, official calls and other work. Shut-down all of these atleast before an hour of sleep, to get a quality sleep.

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