5 best vegan lipstick brands in town

Difficulty finding a vegan lipstick? There are a lot of difficulties that vegans face in a daily life. Finding good food and other products. If you plan on going vegan, then your transformation will never be complete without using only the vegan makeup. Here are 5 best vegan lipstick brands to ensure that only the vegan products touch your lips.



Axiology is a brand you can trust to provide your lips the creamy, pigmented lipsticks that they deserve without using any animal by-products. The collection ranges from black to deep red. However, they don’t use carmine even in creating the deepest of reds in the range. So you don’t have to kill your dream of wearing the deep red after going vegan.


Kat Von D Beauty

This brands recently announced the plans to go all vegan. Although not all the products are vegan but they do have a special vegan range for you under the section #VeganAlert on their website.


Lime Crime

Lime crime offers a collection of 18 high-pigmented lipsticks in all the fun shades. The collection contains shades like neon purple, orange, grey, pastel mint green and more. This is for the true divas who don’t shy away from unconventional colors on their lips. Vegan lipsticks from this brand expands the horizon for all the experimental vegan women out there.

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The lipsticks have a soft matte and velvety finish for smooth application and are very gentle to the skin. This company also supports PETA so every time you make the smallest purchase from this brand, it will go for the PETA support. What’s more wonderful than being vegan and also supporting animals by purchasing make up.



Pacifica is another PETA approved brand for vegan lipsticks. Apart from being vegan, these are also cruelty free. Pacifica offers you highly pigmented, creamy and hydrating lipsticks to nourish your lips. They are also infused with anti-ageing ingredients for the lips to keep your lips soft and supple.


Going vegan doesn’t sound so bad now even for the makeup addicts as the options are no more limited.


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