Classic makeup looks that never go out of fashion

The classic makeup is what you look for whenever you’re in doubt. These are your safest bets and are sure to make you look and feel confident. And no matter how many new makeup trends keep coming, these looks are bound to stay and save you at all times. Here are the 5 classic makeup looks that have been in fashion forever and will stay for a long time.


Red lips

When we think of classic makeup looks, red lips has to be the first one that comes to mind. This look has survived eras and continues to make a statement even today. Put on the red lipstick and it doesn’t matter even if you don’t do any other makeup. It is sure to make you look not only classic but straight out fabulous.


Cat eyes

Cat eyes is one liner trend that goes with all the eye shapes. Whether you’re going for a subtle wing or a bold look, it is your everyday savior. Put on some cat eye liner and make your eyes look bigger and sharper for everyday look.  and just increase the density when you’re going for a bolder look and voila! You’re ready to kill.

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No makeup look

What’s a better makeup look than no makeup look? This look is perfect as your everyday look and seems effortless. Just put on some nude lipstick with neutral eye makeup to enhance your natural features and you’re good to go. This is a pretty easy look to achieve and makes you look beautiful at all times.


Smokey eyes

To add a little drama and boldness to your look, get those smokey eyes. This eyeshadow trend has been a favorite for over decades and continues to rule. While going extra for that special evening, add that smokey eye effect to your eyelids. You can use a silver and black eye shadow palette to go for the intense smokey eye and experiment with brown for the softer looks depending on how bold you want to go.


Glowing skin

The dewy skin finish will never go out of style. That little extra glow not only makes your skin look fresher but also smoother. Apply some highlighter to your cheeks, brow bones, nose and chin to get that perfect glow that makes you look fresh all the time. It’s a timeless hack to shine your way through.


These classics have helped us look elegant all through the years and we don’t see them going out of fashion anytime.


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