5 cons of Android Devices

Though android smartphones have enhanced our lives, they come with many disadvantages. If it is more reliable, easy to use, then it also has issues like security, battery life, etc. 

Background apps

In the android operating system, many apps run in the background and can come to the foreground whenever they wish. However, the new versions have restricted the apps from coming to the foreground but they still run in the background all the time.


Battery Life

Battery Life can be a big issue in the android mobile phones. You frequently need to charge your device as the battery drains quickly. As most of the apps run in the background, it consumes mobile battery and your device battery vanishes quickly.

Not very friendly for developers

Learning and developing android apps is hard because there are a variety of screen sizes and making apps adaptive to all screen sizes is challenging for the developers. Developers have to write more code and it is difficult to troubleshoot the app for final delivery. It is also difficult to make complex apps and doing advanced animation is hard.


One of the biggest disadvantages of the android operating system is its poor security. There is always a threat of hacking looming over your head is you are using android devices. Android doesn’t come with a good antivirus. Also, it allows you to install apps from other apps or websites which may contain a virus or can steal your information and data. 

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Poor Quality of Apps

As there are plenty of apps on the Google play store, they are not thoroughly safe to download. There are apps that are fraud or come with viruses that can harm your phones or invade your privacy. Also, some apps are not updated for many years and this will affect users which update their operating system.

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