5 décor tricks to brighten up your bedroom

Your bedroom is your space and you want it to be as lively as you re. If it is dark, it might look duller and make it difficult for you to get up in the morning. Brightening up your room will fill it with positivity and enthusiasm. Here are a few simple tricks you can try to brighten up your dull bedroom


Put on cheerful bed covers and pillows

This is probably the easiest way to liven up a room. Dump those dull and dark bedding set and put on some cheerful colors. You can try going for colors like yellow, light blue and even white to brighten up your room and make it look more joyous. Along with bedding, you can also go for curtains in bright colors as they basically do the same job.


White, white and lots of white

To get rid of all the darkness in the room, add lots of white. Painting the room with white color could be the best way to go about it. You can also add other elements like white furniture, frames and other décor items to scatter the light all across the room. The color white brings peace and calmness and gives you a sense of happiness.


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Change the light bulbs

If your room is already dull and you have warm, yellow lighting, then try switching it with bulbs that have white light tones. The cool tones are much like daylight and make your room seem fresher and lively. Even though warm lights make the room more comfortable, the white lights brighten it up.


Hang large mirrors

Large mirrors do not only reflect the light but also cause an illusion to make the room bigger. Put on a large mirror for the dressing to reflect as much light as possible and brighten up the space. You can try hanging the mirror opposite to the window so it gets the maximum daylight to reflect to the entire room.


Remove those heavy curtains

If the room is already dull, you don’t want those big curtains restraining the daylight. If you have heavy accessories on the windows, then switch them up with plain and light colored curtains. You can even go for sheer curtains to maximize the daylight entering your room and make it bright. Sheer curtains might also let a little bit of moonlight or street light come inside during the night so that the room doesn’t seem so dark.


Your bedroom not only defines your personality but its a space where you come up with your greatest ideas. Don’t let the dullness block your way.


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