5 DIY storage ideas for your bedroom

Are you short of storage ideas? Or is your room conjusted and small, and you end up messing your wardrobe and floor? Don’t worry, we have got 5 DIY storage options for your closet, and other daily-need accessories.

Bench near the bed

If you are someone who requires so many things at your bed time, then this option is the best for you. From books to blankets, you can put anything on a wooden table kept just a side of your bed. And you won’t have to run anywhere out of your bed!

A ladder organiser

Do you also have a cloth hanging stand in your gallery for wet clothes? How about having a ladder organiser in your room itself?
Apart from hanging your everyday-wear outfits, you can also keep accessories including handbags, most-worn shoes

Floating shelf

If your bed doesn’t have an attached furniture for your night needs, you can add a floating shelf just beside your bed. It can easily store your diary, night-lamp and a class of water preventing it from falling.

Under-bed baskets

If your bed doesn’t have wardrobe under it or on its side, then baskets may be the best possible option. Fill up baskets with your dirty clothes or toys of your kids. You don’t really need to worry about its visibility. Just invest in some decorative baskets and you are done!

Closet rod

Short on closet space? Hang a rod, shelf, and curtain on a blank wall (even if it has a floating counter attached), DIY a second wardrobe. When you want to keep your clothes and clutter out of sight, simply shut the curtain , even though it doesn’t look messy at all.

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