Reading is one of the best exercises for brain, to help build your knowledge, understanding as well as memory. Although people of every age should read, the need for reading in youngsters is even much more. But if you are someone who literally sleeps when you open any book, here’s how you can develop reading habit:

1. Don’t read alone
One of the most common problem that someone faces while reading is feeling bored. If you also face the same, get a reading partner. Visit and friend and read together or simply visit a library and find someone who would be keen to read with you.


2. Set targets
Randomly deciding that you’ll be reading won’t really make you habitual. First set targets of how much you’ll read in a day or a week and then start with it. It acts as a motivation to encourage reading.

develop reading habit easily

3. Read everyday
Do not decide that you’ll read after every 4 days or a week. Set everyday targets instead of weekly. It will surely help you stay with it and ensure that you achieve those. If you do not read something for 1-2 days, you may start losing interest.

4. Find your interest
Not everybody would be interested in every genre. Especially if you are a beginner, you may not like to read something you aren’t really interested in. So, look for specific genres you are curious about. For example, if you like to watch romantic movies, go for romantic novels. If you like to watch news, read knowledgeable books.

5. Discuss
Reading and keeping it to yourself won’t keep your interest intact. Try and find someone with whom you can discuss about it, or someone who may be interested to listen the story of novel you recently read.

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