5 Facts of Climate Change

Climate change are is oneof the dangerus things which people are facing now a days. It has several effects on mankind.

1. Climate change is real and also man-made

Human produced pollution which causes the these changes. That is too dangerous now and will become much more if we don’t take any action now.

2. All climate change reports are researched and based on the most accurate data

As an example, the National Climate Assessment (NCA) report was written by NOAA, NASA, the Department of Defense and experts at 10 other agencies as well. It was based on the most accurate scientific things and were matche with the conclusions of thousands of other scientists across the globe.

3. Climate change studies are transparent

These reports from the science institutions across the globe are entirely based on the scientific research. The NCA report’s development was also reviewed by the scientific institutions. Every statement in the report is made with accurate sources.

4. Federal climate change reports are genuine because they are written by scientists

The NCA authors are independent civil servant scientists and not by the politicians. However, in Exxon Mobil’s climate studies by  from 1977 to 2014, 83 percent acknowledged that the it is caused by humans.

5. Climate change reports shows a possible future scenarios

Major things are happening because of global warming which shows a wide range of future conditions as well. Use of advanced technologies that remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere effects the climate which is one of the main reasons and if we try we can certainly decrese the use of thise things whichcauses the climate change.

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