5 fashion tips for skinny girls

Feel too skinny in some outfits? While most of the people focus on looking thinner, some struggle with looking too thin. Whatever your body type is, you can wear whatever you want, however you want it. But if you’re looking for some tips to make you look less skinny, then here they are

Horizontal stripes for the win

Horizontal stripes create an illusion to make you look broader, while vertical stripes make you look taller. When going for stripes, pick out the outfits that have horizontal stripes. If you’re someone who likes wearing bodycon dresses, then these stripes are your savior as they make your frame look broader even in skinny and bodycon dresses.

Layer it up

Layering up your outfit gives a loose and broader silhouette. If you feel too skinny in a top or dress, layer it up with a shrug or a jacket and you’re good to go. In order to not feel too hot with your layers, wear the layers with lighter fabrics and colours.

Mid waist belts are a no-no

Mid-waist belts are worn to define the waist area. If you’re already too thin, they make you look even thinner and that’s not what you want. Avoid these belts with any outfit as you don’t really need them.

Scarves, pretty scarves

This tiny accessory can work wonders. Scarves can liven up even the dullest of the dresses. Put a scarf around your neck to make it look a little less long. And wear it in a way that it touches your chest and makes it look fuller.

Say no to skinny bottoms

Skinny jeans put too much focus on your legs and can make them look longer and skinnier than usual. Avoid wearing skinny jeans and try boot cut or bell bottomed jeans. Culottes and flared bottoms are an amazing option to divert the focus from your legs and give you an illusion of looking a little less thin. They work same as the layers but for your bottoms.

Wear whatever you like and experiment. Wear multiple patterns and playful colors and embrace your body.

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