5 Foods to boost immunity during Corona virus outbreak

Corona virus is raising concerns all over the world. The virus originated in China and now has spread to many countries including US, Italy, India and many others.
Studies have revealed that the virus is mostly affecting old aged people for those with low immunity. Therefore it becomes essential to to take necessary precautions and work on building immunity.

Following are 5 types of food can help build your immunity and protect you from not just coronavirus but also other infectious diseases.

Who does not know the antiviral properties of garlic? Consume it with honey and see how it boosts your immune system.

2-Coconut oil
Instead of using refined oil or mustard oil it’s better to use coconut oil for frying for cooking your food. Coconut oil is an excellent food that helps boost your immunity and keeps you away from infections.

3- Tulsi
Consuming a teaspoon full of Tulsi or basil leaves helps you boost your immunity and keep you away from viruses. Intake of Tulsi along with black pepper and honey helps fight you off from the diseases. Ensure that you take it empty stomach in the morning.

4- Ginger
Ginger has antibacterial properties.it boosts your immunity and keeps you away from throat infections, cold and cough. Consuming Ginger along with honey will help you find of worth viruses.

5- Berries
Fruits such as grapes, blueberries, strawberries and other food items including dark chocolate, cocoa powder helps you protect body from viruses and infections.

Apart from including these things in your diet and sure that you take necessary precautions in order to prevent yourself from catching coronavirus. These preventions include washing your hands when you come from outside, or before eating anything. Avoid touching your face eyes mouth or any other body part without sanitization and, always use a handker chief while coughing.

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