5 foods to help with acid reflux symptoms

Acid reflux is common problem that happens when there is acid backflow from the stomach to the food pipe. It occurs when the lower oesophageal sphincter is weak or damaged and is affected by the food you intake. Certain foods cause acid reflux while some foods help relieve it. Here’s a list of foods you can take to help you prevent and relieve it

Noncitrus fruits

Citric fruits like oranges and kiwi cause acid while certain noncitrus fruits help relieve it. When you feel a little uneasy because of acidity, try eating fruits like bananas, apples, pears and melons to reduce the symptoms. These fruits cut down the acidity and contain more fiber that help strengthen the digestive system. And it also moves stomach content through the digestive tract.


Yogurt contains probiotics, good bacteria that helps keep the digestive and immune system healthy. Eat some yogurt to soothe the stomach and bring down the acid. Yogurt is also rich in proteins which helps in improving the digestion of the food in the stomach thereby, preventing acidity. Try adding some ginger to your yogurt as it has anti-inflammatory properties and helps with the relief.

Green vegetables

Green vegetables are not only nutritious but also highly alkaline in nature. Hence, they help preventing and relieving acid reflux. When you doubt acidity, cook some green veggies like spinach, kale, Brussels sprouts, asparagus, etc. It makes you feel better and fill your stomach with good stuff.


Oatmeal is highly rich in fiber that helps promote the movement of stomach contents through the digestive tract. And also helps in preventing constipation and promotes intestinal health. Start your day right with oatmeal as your breakfast choice to prevent acidity throughout the day and keep you full all day long.


Another great breakfast option for regulating acid in the stomach is whole grain bread. Pick out unprocessed whole grain bread which contains natural fibers to keep your digestive system healthy. This bread does not only keep you full for long but also provides nutrients and vitamins for your overall healthy.

Choose healthier options and habits to maintain the acidic level and avoid feeling uneasy.


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