5 Games to play with Boyfriend over text

Texting can become monotonous and boring, especially in the times of covid-19, resulting in Lockdown. Same texts everyday can really annoy the other person. If you and your boyfriend are struggling to meet or have fun, you need not to wait for things to get better.

Here we have listed 5 games that you can play with your boyfriend on text:

1. Two truths, one lie

The game is simple but exciting. One person has to send three statements, one of which should be incorrect. The other has to guess which was incorrect, and if they guess right, they get a point. Points are calculated in the end and winner gets the price set in advance. For example: 1. I love bitter gourd, 2. I have never dated anyone 3. I never got slapped by my father.

2. Truth or Dare

Generally people play this game in person. But it is no different when played on text. In fact it remains more personal and comfortable when on chat. So you and your partner need to choose either truth or dare turn-by-turn. If they chose truth, ask them something you want to know about, for example, Are you virgin? In dare, you can give interesting tasks like send an ‘i love you’ text to a fried or unknown. It can be really fun and exciting.

3. Would you rather

In this game a person gives hypothetical situations to another person and asks to choose either if the two. For example, would you rather work under pressure of your boss and earn $200 a day or choose to work for $50 a day but be your master?
You should be creative with your questions and the person should pose difficulty while choosing one. It can be really fun and absurd at the same time .Also, helping you know the person better.

4. Never have I ever

This is usually paid being drunk. But it would be equally fun on text. In this game, a person sends a statement like ‘Never have i ever kissed any girl’, and the other has to said ‘i have’ or ‘i have not’. If they tell opposite of it or that they have done, they lose a point. Points are counted in the end.

5.  Kiss,Marry or Kill

One person will give names of any known one/celebrity or any friend and the other would respond whether they would kill them, kiss them or marry them, by this you’ll get to know their true feelings for people. LOL.


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