5 hacks to make you look fashionable instantly


In this competitive world of fashion and styling, we all want to look fashionable in everything we wear. Whether it’s a casual day out or a special evening, who doesn’t want to look their best. When deciding and putting together an outfit gets confusing, here are a few hacks to make you look fashionable instantly.


Hack #1. Knot it up

Get creative with you tees and knot them up in the front, back or from the side. and pair them up with high-waisted bottoms. This will make regular sized tees work as crop tops and make you look more stylish. Show off some skin in style on a casual day out.


Hack #2. Experiment with unusual colors

This can work very well with solid clothing. Mix and match different color combinations and go with what seems the most different and the best. Now it could be a little tricky to choose colors that are different but go together. Go with your gut and wear the combination you like in confidence.


Hack #3. Belt up to give it shape

You can wear a belt with most of the outfits. Any outfit that’s loose and feels odd can use a belt. It will give the body an hourglass shape illusion. You can wear belts with oversized and long tops and dresses to create a balance.

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Hack #4. Get a scarf

If the outfit feels a little dull, then a scarf is what you need to spice things up. Scarves can be worn with casual and formal wear depending on the type of knot you make. Have some basic scarves in your wardrobe that you can pair up with almost all outfits and you’re good to go on a day you need a little extra.


Hack #5. Make a statement with the shoes

If your outfit doesn’t seem very trendy, let the shoes do the talking. Pair the outfit with unusual and eye catching shoes to make you stand out. Now this is a bold move, yet highly rewarding and stylish. Keeping the type of occasion in mind, you can mix and match the shoes and instantly up the fashion game.


Wearing any outfit with confidence is the best hack to look fashionable. If you feel fashionable, you are.



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