5 Hard Truths About Love

Love is one of the most beautiful feelings one can experience in life. However, it is no surprise that it is also a complicated feeling that can turn your life upside down for both good and worse. This article reflects on some of the dark truths about love.

Love isn’t enough

No matter what the films and novels convey, love can never be enough to make a relationship work. To have a healthy and sustainable relationship, both partners need to make a lot of effort. Apart from love, respect, trust, compassion, empathy, and values are the other important factors needed for a good relationship.

It is not just about yourself

There is no me in the concept of love. There is always us. You need to put your relationship before your ego. Love is more about giving than taking. While it is a fabulous feeling to get loved by someone, you should know how to love someone. It is a true saying that love attracts itself. This means that you will bring more love into your life by giving love to other people.

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Love can’t be forceful

A relationship is beautiful only when it is mutual. One-sided love is something that looks good in movies only. You can’t make someone love you forcefully. It is a natural process and the feeling is something that comes from within. This means that you don’t have any say on who should reciprocate your love and who should not.

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