5 Health Tips for Women to Prevent Diseases

Women are likely to get certain lifestyle conditions or diseases such as hormonal imbalance, endometrial and breast cancer etc. if they do not focus on their health and hygiene.

In the previous article, we covered female intimate hygiene. In this one, let’s talk about 5 overall health tips for women to keep themselves away from disorders and diseases.

1. Keep stress away
Stress is common in today’s time. But its consequences can be serious, especially among women. Women can develop anxiety, depression, hormonal imbalances etc by just being stressed for long.

2. Eat healthy
Unhealthy eating habits or smoking/drinking can severely impact women’s health as well as the future baby of woman. Eating junk can cause PCOS and other underlying conditions.

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3. Maintain intimate hygiene
Keeping your private area clean is a must-do for every woman to keep herself away from vaginal infections and cancers.

4. Regular check-ups
As the chances of cancer in women (mainly above 40 years) is high, regular health checkups and physical examinations are mandatory. You must consult your gynae every year even if you don’t have any serious issue.

5. Maintain adequate weight
Being overweight can cause serious issues to an individal. Women are more likely to gain weight after conceiving. Thus, it’s important to aim at maintaining an ideal weight and keeping self away frok lifestyle conditions.

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