5 home paint colors that help you relax

Our home is the place we come to relax after the day’s stressful work. It is our space and the way we create it expresses and defines us. There are different colors you can use to create a calming and relaxing atmosphere in your house. Here’s a list of 5 such colors and how they improve your mood




Blue is the ultimate color for calmness. This cool color helps in relaxing the mind and managing stress and anxiety. If you feel anxious too often, paint your bedroom blue to reflect some calmness and peace. Go for lighter and neutral shades of blue when choosing the paint for your bedroom as the brighter and darker shades may have quite the opposite effect.




White represents freshness and clarity. It makes the room brighter yet serene helping you to relax and free your mind. Paint your living room or the area where you spend most of your thinking hours white to stay calm and focused. You can also go for mixing it up a little with other colors if it seems too plain to you.


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We all know that yellow is a happy color. This color represents energy, joy and positivity. If you’re feeling a little depressed or lack the motivation to get up in the morning, paint your room yellow to feel energetic and happier. Research shows that people who stay in a yellow room are more motivated and energized than people who stay in rooms with other colors.




Violet also has cool tones to it making it peaceful. Not only it gives a sense of calmness to the house but also brings balance. It is also studied that meditation is much more powerful around violet color and helps you achieve inner peace. So paint your living room or the room where you meditate or focus violet to achieve maximum success. While going for violet, choose softer shades like lilac that are closer to white than black to keep the room brighter and cooler.




Green is the color of nature. Having green color at home makes you feel calm and relaxed, more or less like how parks and open green spaces do. Paint your living room green to have a relaxed vibe to the home. You can also add a few plants to make it seem more natural. While deciding the color, go for lighter shades of green rather the darker ones to keep it cool and brighter.


So many fun colors to add for so many reasons. What color is your bedroom going to be next?

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