5 hotel hacks to save money on your trip

When trying to book a hotel or staying in one, there are multiple hacks you can try to stay in your budget. After all, who wants to spend loads of money just on the stay? While booking a hotel in your destination city, you don’t know a lot about, go for the moderate ones instead of the cheapest ones. Here are a few other hotel hacks to try to save money on your trip

Booking directly with the hotel

Contacting the hotel and booking with them directly saves a lot of commission fee that other websites and apps charge. Research about the hotel you’d like to stay in and call them directly or book through their website to get your room at a cheaper price. When you contact them directly, you may even get customised choices and rates that you won’t find on other apps.

Book according to days of the week

A lot of business hotels lower their prices on the weekends while the B&Bs lower their prices on the weekdays. Choose your hotel according to the days of the week you’re planning to stay and go for the ones that offer lower rates to save some money without losing any comfort. After all, a business hotel will still be cozy even during the weekend.

Search the hotel bookings in incognito mode

In the incognito mode, when your cookies are cleared you may find cheaper rates for hotels. Try searching for the hotels in normal browser and then open the same tab in incognito mode. You’ll find cheaper rates and better deals in incognito mode even with the foreign transaction fees.

Prepare your own breakfast

If the hotel doesn’t provide complimentary breakfast, then you can save those extra bucks by preparing your own meal. Usually the food served at hotels is unreasonably expensive and to avoid it, you can always use the hot water to make instant meals. Get some instant oatmeal mix and heat the water in the kettle to mix and your breakfast is ready.

Ask for an upgrade and offer to write a review

Sometimes you just have to ask for a better room and the hotel might give it to you if its during off season. You can also try asking for a few privileges in exchange for a review. Chances are the hotels will be happy to give you those if you’re active on review sites like TripAdvisor. Or if you’re a travel blogger or influencer.

Have a budget friendly stay with minimum inconvenience.


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