5 ideas to decorate living room walls

Living room is the center of attention of any house. As soon as someone enters your home, wall is the first thing they look at. It becomes important to maintain your living wall in a way that it attracts the visitor and represents the choices of you and your family. Here are 5 ways you can choose to decorate it:

1- Wallpaper

Play with colors and patterns to decorate your walls with unique and attractive wallpapers or paint drawings to achieve a bold look. It can include patterned wallpapers or statement arts.
You can easily get wallpapers online.

2- Paintings

To give your room a depth and contrast, hang a painting on an empty wall of your living room. If you have a narrow wall vacant, use tall paintings.

3- Photo gallery

If you aren’t paintings person, go for a photo gallery. Get your best pictures framed and hang them on the wall, forming a great pattern of photos. You can also include memorable pictures of your family and loved ones. It can act as a great way of decor.

4- Showcase

A showcase built into the wall is a great way to display small objects and knickknacks which are aesthetically pleasing. Place colorful items, memorable pieces, flower pots and even your trophies and awards.

5- Book cases

Another unique way of decorating your living wall can be by utilising a bookshelf. You can creatively decorate the shelves with the items you care the most like antique objects, vases and even books, or your favourite accessories.

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