5 kinds of bags to carry with casual outfits

Casual outfits usually don’t require much planning. Pick up your favorite dress or pair up some jeans and blouse and you’re good to go. However, when it comes to bags, there are a lot of options to choose from depending on the purpose of your outing. Here’s a list of 5 kinds of bags to choose from for your casual wear.


Sling bags

Sling bags are small-medium sized bags with long straps.  And you can either carry them on your shoulders or wear them as cross body bags. Pair up a sling bag with your casual dress or jeans and you’re all set for your Sunday brunch or a shopping day. They have enough space for your wallet, phone, sunglasses and a book maybe.


Tote bags

Tote bags are one of the largest types of handbags with smaller straps to carry around on your shoulders. Due to their good capacity, you can carry them to many places. Use a tote bag on your shopping day to avoid carry too many shopping bags and stuff everything in your bag. Or use it as a beach bag.



Saddle bags are different and usually larger than sling bags because of their traditional outlook. Like a sling bag, carry a saddlebag for a casual meeting or date and fit in all your essentials in this bag.


Hobo bags

Hobo bags are large bags with loose silhouette and a longer drop that you can carry around your shoulders. These bohemian style bags are perfect for day outs. Pair them up with your boho style dresses or blouses and take them out on the street. You can also take them for short trips as they have good capacity and are more flexible.


Duffle bags

Duffle bags are flat with rounder edges, small straps and also a longer strap. Mostly duffle bags are larger in size and are used with athletic and casual wear. However, there are smaller duffle bags that have more sass. Pick out a medium sized or small duffle bag and pair it up with a sassy dress for your casual meeting with the girls at the coffee shop.


There are multiple types of handbags that can go with the same casual outfit. Having one generic bag each of the different types might just help you with all of your casual outfits.


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  1. It would be helpful if you include a picture of the different types of bag. otherwise short and isweet article. Thank you.

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