5 kinds of denim jeans to have in your wardrobe

Denim jeans have been here for more than a century now and we don’t see them going out of fashion ever. Over years, jeans have evolved and we’ve witnessed various trends and liked some more than the others. Here are 5 kinds of jeans in fashion you should have in your wardrobe to rock your casual wear

Slim fit denim jeans

Slim fit jeans are snug around the thighs and butt and loosen up a bit below the knees. These are perfect for every day casual wear. Pair up your slim fit with any V neck or round neck tee to go for that classic effortless casual look.

Skinny denim jeans

Skinny jeans are basically body hugging jeans and are snug all over. They take the shape of your legs perfectly. If you have an hour glass body, then skinny jeans are definitely for you. Pair them up with a nice blouse and show off those curves and legs in these.

Boot cut denim jeans

Boot cut jeans fit properly till the thighs and then start to open up past the knees. Started as a trend for mom, but are now loved by everyone and they fit all the body types with ease. Pair them up with a crop top and you’re ready for the picnic or a shopping day.

Flared denim jeans

These jeans made a statement not only in the nineties, but are back to rock again. Flared jeans, as the name suggests are snug around the butt and thighs but start to open or flare up from below the knees. Put on your favorite summery crop top with these jeans and make a statement at that Sunday brunch. These jeans are for the flirty and playful.

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Boyfriend denim jeans

These jeans are named boyfriend jeans because they seem like borrowed from your boyfriend. Boyfriend jeans fit perfectly around the waist and hip area and broaden a bit below. These are super comfortable and make outstanding airport looks. Pair up your boyfriend jeans with a casual top or shirt and probably carry a jacket and you’re ready to catch your flight.

How many types do you have in your wardrobe?


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