5 major outfit don’ts on a first date

Excited for your first date with that boy you’ve been seeing? First impression matters and we sometimes go out of our way to look our best. While you’re stressing on things to go smoothly, try not to overcompensate with your looks. Here are the five things to keep in mind and avoid overdoing it with your date outfit

Unlaundered and ill-fitted clothes
Give that dress you’re planning to wear for laundry. Chances are, if it is unlaundered, it might not look neat or could even have stains. Wear fresh clothes for your special evening and make sure they fit well. Ill-fitted clothes don’t do justice to your body and makes it feel like you didn’t put much effort.

Outfits that squeeze your tummy or make you feel like you need to suck it in

Don’t go for that smaller size. If it used to make you look sexy but doesn’t fit anymore, leave it at home because it won’t make you look slimmer. Pick out something that is comfortable so you can focus on your date and also feel confident.

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Wrong kind of outfit for the occasion

We know you want to look your best but don’t wear your evening gown for a movie date. It can make you look overdressed or in some cases, under-dressed. Choose something that suits the surroundings and the occasion and still makes you look your best.

Revealing too much

Wearing a revealing outfit makes you look bold and confident but too much of it can be off-putting. Focus on the asset you like showing off and decide the outfit around that. When it comes to showing off and being sexy, you can reveal one of the following at a time –legs, shoulder, cleavage or back. Anything more can be too much to take at a first date.

Overdoing the hair or makeup

The best bet is to go neutral. Let those long locks of hair free and that one pimple on your chin as it is to seem like you embrace your imperfection. However, if you feel like putting in some extra effort, make sure you don’t overdo it. Don’t put too much highlighter or that extra special hairstyle that you watched a YouTube tutorial for.

Dress to impress but let it show your true personality.

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