5 miraculous health benefits of green tea

We have all tried sipping green tea in the mornings to try and make our life healthier and better. Though it may not taste too good to some people, it certainly has some amazing health benefits. And it also comes in variety of flavors now to give you more options. To list it down, here are a few ways in which green tea is beneficial for your health.


Helps improve functioning of the mind

One of the main components of green tea is caffeine which doesn’t just wake you up but makes you more aware. Sip on some green tea to wake up and improve your mood and stay focused all day long. Starting your day with a fresh mind is sure to make your entire day more productive.


Aids in the weight loss process

If you check any list of foods that helps in weight loss, green tea is sure to be on the list. It has been experimented that it helps increase the metabolism and the fat burning rate in humans. So next time you prepare a diet chart for weight loss, add this goodness tea to your list and do it right.


Decreases the risk of infections

Green tea contains catechins that hinders the growth of certain bacteria and viruses. This leads to lowered risks of infections and increase in immunity. Have a cuppa to fight off the infections going around you and catching up fast. It also helps in increasing the dental hygiene and getting rid of bad breath.


Lowers the risk of certain types of cancer

Green tea contains certain powerful antioxidants that can help protect you against certain types of cancer such as breast cancer and prostate cancer. Make it a habit to drink this magic potion daily to lower your risk of catching this deadly disease that takes millions of lives every year.


Lowers the risk of Type 2 Diabetes

At a risk of diabetes? Green tea can help in improving insulin sensitivity and reducing the blood sugar levels lowering your risk of type 2 diabetes. Even if you are already diabetic, have some green tea to enhance your metabolic system functioning.


So many health benefits packed in this one tea. Green tea is your key for overall health. Make it a habit to have a cup a day and live healthy.

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