5 Mistakes that can destroy your relationship

Entering into a relationship is easy, but being able to sustain one happily, isn’t! You need to put in some efforts to maintain it.
Sometimes it’s a bunch of little things that can tear out your relationship. And 5 of these are:

1- Considering each other, your everything
Relationship should be important. Specially when you want it to last forever. However, considering your partner is your world, or not looking beyond your relationship, can be dangerous. Spend time with your family and friends, do what you love, follow your hobbies. Neglecting all other things will only destroy your relationship.

2- Always pointing out
No one is perfect! Everyone has some flaws. They may be good looking but not excellent in academics, or vice versa. So, don’t always criticize them or point out their weak ends. Rather, learn to compliment to appreciate what you like about them.

3- Not giving quality time
Although we say, if you really love, time cannot act as an obstacle. But, it actually can! Giving time to your partner makes them feel how important they are to you. Even if you are busy, take out little time for them in your schedule, and making it quality. Don’t let them feel unhappy about it. Whatever time you two spend with each other, should be the best!

4- Holding grudges
Everyone makes mistakes. Forget and forgive. Don’t hold it for life time. Not forgiving will only lead to trust issues and unhappiness among you two. So, keep your heart big enough to forgive them, if you both really love each other!

5- Always trying to change each other
Change is good. But, if someone really wants it. Forcing someone to change or follow something they really don’t want, can mess up your relationship with them. If you cannot accept your partner, you shouldn’t really be with them!

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Aastha Kochar

Aastha Kochar

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