5 most overrated things you value too much in life

There are so many things we give too much importance to, but it isn’t really worth. At this point of time, it may seem significant to us, but over the years, we’ll realise how vague it was.

1- Grades

Since the initial years of schooling, kids are taught to emphasize on marks or grades. To such an extent the pressure of marks is laid to them by their parents and teachers, that they literally consider scoring as becoming successful in life. It’s essential to realise that grades and success are two separate things and one must not forget to look at other things in the way towards grades.

2- Social media

Today, social media has become more important than everything. Literally everything! We go on vacations to post pictures of beach, instead of really enjoying it. We die for followers and likes on our pictures. We’ve given it so much importance that we have genuinely forgot living our lives. A break is much needed.

3- Appearance

We give so much importance to outer appearance that we have stopped valuing inner beauty. We tend to neglect people with dark complexion, over weight, or less attractive. It’s time that we realise what really matters and should matter to us as human beings who are defined by our attitude and character.

4- Wedding

People are so crazy about wedding that they give less attention to the life-long journey after marriage, but more to the day itself. We are so keep to dress up in a dress costing much more than out monthly salary, and making arrangements for food on such a large scale that it’s such a waste of money. We must re-think about it and make organise it in an efficient way.

5- Traditions

Belonging to certain communities, religions and social relationships, we are so deeply embedded in our cultures and traditions that we do not think about our actions. We don’t realise if they are still relevant in 21st century. Many of our traditions that promote gender inequality, animal killings etc requires to be pondered upon.

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Aastha Kochar

Aastha Kochar

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