5 Most productive things to do when on Quarantine

The quarantine period is a blessing in disguise for us! We have been complaining of not being able to get time for ourselves as well as our loved ones due to our busy working schedules.

And now, we have been given a long span of time to remain indoors, so as to bring the Coronavirus pandemic to a halt.

So, here are 5 productive ways you can make this period worthwhile.

1-Complete that long-pending book
If you have read a novel partly, and were waiting to get time to read, from so long, then this is the time. In fact , you can start with any other book based on your likes.

2- Maintain Health
You’ve been so busy that you always gave yourself excuses for not being able to exercise. So now you’ve got enough time. Get up from your bed and workout, but don’t work ‘out’ , do it indoors. Also, cook heathy food and avoid junk.

3- Family time
So now you are socially-distant from your friends and loved ones, but isolated with your family. What could be better than this? Spend time with your family, recall memories and enjoy it to the fullest.

4- Follow a Hobby
Did you love sketching or playing an instrument but couldn’t continue with it due to time constraints? Here’s the best time you can get it all back. Even if you don’t miss doing anything, try and develop a hobby. Observe what you love doing and do give time to it.

5- Rearrange your wardrobe
Now that your maid is on leave, you have to clean it all alone. But isn’t it a great opportunity to re-arrange your closet or wardrobe and keep aside the outdated ones? Give a new look to it so you can fill it back with new accessories after the corona says bye-bye!

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Aastha Kochar

Aastha Kochar

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