5 Must-try Deodorants for women

Strong body odour can be embarrassing, especially for women. Thick fibre woven dresses and hot and humid climate can cause excessive body sweat leading to bad odour.

Thus, a good deodorant exclusively to suit a women’s body needs is a must in this weather. So, in this article we have curated a list of 5 such deodorants you would love.

1. Nivea body deodorizer

Nivea has a wide range of perfumes exclusively for women. Body deodorizer is the best among these, meant for women who sweat a lot. Although a bit expensive, it keeps the body free from bad odour for upto 24 hours. The fragrances which it comes in, includes Fresh Lily and Sandal, Fresh Petal, White Musk, Fresh Rose and Fresh Citrus, among others.

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2. Nivea Pearl and Beauty

If you want a long-lasting pleasant fragrance, Nivea’s pearl and beauty is your go-to perfume. It stays for up to 48 hours. Also, it is alcohol free and thus best for sensitive skin.

3. Cinthol Deo Fusion

This perfume from Godrej group combines the aroma of fruits and flowers and keep you fresh all day long. It is also alcohol-free and feminine.

4. Fogg series

Fog is one of the most popular and fastest growing series, especially popular among youths. These are low on budget and have relatively strong fragrances, but suiting women who want a perfume with feminine odour.

5. Engage- for women

If you are looking for a very superior quality perfume, you should definitely give a try to Engage. Its long lasting and charming smell suits women of all ages.

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