5 Myths about a Relationship

We all enter into a relationship with certain beliefs and preconceived notions. We have an image in our mind regarding how we should behave or how we’re supposed to feel. We make assumptions about our relationship based on what we see in TV shows, movies or novels. However, this is not the right way to go as every person and relationship is different.

Charlie Bloom, a psychotherapist based in Santa Cruz, California quoted, “Falling in love is easy. Maintaining a happy, healthy relationship? That’s the hard part. And if you go into a relationship buying into myths like “opposites attract” and “happy couples never fight,”


Following are common relationship myths and the truth behind them.

  • Love is enough in a relationship

This is the most common myth you must have heard regarding a relationship. Love can never be enough for a happy life. Besides love, mutual understanding and trust are equally essential in a relationship.

  • Possessiveness is normal

Though it sounds good when your partner is jealous or possessive about you, a little too much of everything is harmful. Being over possessive or jealous shows the lack of trust between the couple. It just kills the trust which eventually kills the relationship.

  • Fights ruin relationships

Fights can never be a threat to your relation. Instead they help you in understanding each other better. What actually ruins it is not resolving your fights. Fights can be really healthy and can be an important form of communication for clearing the air.

  • The Partner must change

A bad boy falling in love with a good girl and then mending his ways is nothing more than a story chiche which exists in an imaginary world only. We should come into a bond with a person only and only if we are comfortable with the way they are. Many times we’re very good at the blame game and not so good at pondering how we can become better partners.

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  • Perfect relationships exist

No person or bond is perfect. Thus, you shouldn’t expect that everything will go as per your liking. There can be some imperfections or faults and there is nothing wrong about it. Every relation goes through its ups and downs, highs and lows.

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