5 Personality traits that can induce conflicts in relationship

Conflict is an inevitable part of relationships. More or less, every relationship goes through ups and downs, however, it depends on the partners how deal choose to deal with, and what reasons they fight for.

These 5 traits are more likely to fight and argue:

The Stonewaller
According to Walfish, Stonewallers defense to preserve their ego, emotions and self. Thus, they tend to shut down during any argument, not agreeing to cooperate or communicate with the partner.

The Verbal Attacker
During an argument, the verbal attacker always tends to blame the other one for mis-happening. They always criticize the other and calls it their fault. According to Walfish, this style is to become self-protective by deflecting responsibility for conflicts.

The Avoider
Avoiders always try to avoid topics or arguments, rather than confronting it. At times they refuse to talk about the issue, and at times they change the topic.

The Passive Submissive
The Passive Submissive is just like the avoider in a way that they always capitulate and never want to admit they are wrong.
They are afraid of someone being angry with them or dislike them. Thus, the prefer rolling over to avoid another fight.

The Fixer
The fixers always offer solutions to end up conflicts or arguments in problems. They prefer to leep things clear and avoid uncertainty or engaging in conflicts. Thus, offering any solution becomes their preference.

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