5 Powerful Tips to Create an Attractive Social Media Profile

Creating a social media profile is easy, but maintaining it is not! It takes a lot of powerful strategies to make your profile look attractive. But we’ve made it easy for you by presenting these 5 Quick tips to create an attractive social media profile.

1. Include reels and stories, live sessions and IGTVs
Follow the trend and adapt yourself to it. Since fleets/stories and IGTV are the new trends, go with it and also make sure you organise live sessions every once in a while.

2. Follow a good color scheme
How you present yourself visually plays an important role. The way you’ve put posts and color of background can influence the overall attractiveness of your profile. Make sure it looks aesthetically pleasing.

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3. Interact
You may have thousands of followers, but if you don’t bother to interact to the audience, it hardly matters. It’s important to make them feel connected either by engaging directly or incorporating their suggestions and feedbacks.

4. Have a catchy bio
Bio is the first thing that people come across, when they visit your profile. Thus, the need for having a catchy bio can’t be undermined. Your bio must represent who you are without making you look like a narcissist.

5. Deliver value
Irrespective of whatever field you are into, you can use your social media profile to deliver related content to the audience. No matter how aesthetically pleasing your profile looks, it’s useless until it delivers some value.

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