5 Realistic Ways to Be Happy all the time

Happiness isn’t a fancy expectation. It is a way of living. A life without happiness is not really a life. We are born into this world to fulfil some things. But if those desires and aims overpower our happiness, that’s not what we are born for. If you feel sad about little things, you need to learn to be happy.

Following are some not so complicated ways of pusuing happiness and keeping yourself happy at all the times.

1. Be healthy

A healthy and happy body goes hand in hand. If you aren’t healthy, you can’t be happy. And if you aren’t happy, you can’t be happy. So, eat healthy, sleep adequately and life an active life to pursue happiness.

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2. Smile

Smile everyday because it has the power to create the same mood within you even when you are going through some distress, just don’t forget to smile a little.

3. Feel complete

Instead of finding happiness in others by searching for a partner or good friends, find it in your own self. It’s not bad having people in your life, but don’t forget to value yourself above anybody.

4. Be with positive people

Do not surround yourself with negative people or those who criticize you, taunt you or insult you. Be with those who make you feel wanted and are lucky to have you.

5. Be grateful

Be grateful for everything you got in life. Whether it be a house, your parents, clothes, food or anything than you desired to. Being grateful will remind you of everything you have and thus make you happy.

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Aastha Kochar

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