5 Reasons why relationships don’t work

If you and your partner aren’t happy together or planning to break up , assuming you never loved each other, your decision may not be fair. Many a times it isn’t love that’s not there, but instead a lot of small things that complicate your relationship.

Here are a few of those, working on which can bring a positive change in your relationship.

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1. You care too much
While you are committed to someone, it is obvious to care about them and being affected by their life. But, if you tend to interfere too much or get affected by everything they do, you are likely to have arguments. And if they couldn’t get time to talk to you one day, you get too frustated which causes conflicts.

2. You are over- possessive
Possessiveness is normal and sometimes sweet. But when it turns too much, it ruins relationships. You need to understand you are born to live, not to rule or be ruled. You simply cannot expect your partner to be only yours or not spend time with anyone else.

3. You lie
Lying is another most common factor that leads to misunderstanding. Many a times you lie to your partner not because you are cheating them, but instead you don’t feel like telling as you ‘assume’ it may hurt them or they may not understand you. And it causes conflicts and break-ups.

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4. You talk about sensitive topics
No two individuals think and act same. Happy couples aren’t those who are exactly the same in their way of living, but rather those who know hoe to adjust despite those differences. Identify what are the topics on which you have conflicts about, and try to limit them instead of always picking them.

5. You expect too much
Instead of being dependent on others for your happiness, try to find it within you. When you rely on your partner for it, you tend to expect too much. You may want them to gift you something or take you out on a long drive or always give you priority, but when they don’t, you tend to have arguments for not fulfilling your expectations.

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