5 Reasons You Shouldn’t Use Video Conferencing

Video Conferencing is a powerful tool for the business entities and the organizations to carry out their day-to-day tasks smoothly. In other words, people participating in a video conference can see and hear each other through video and audio transmissions. This visual communication tool is used for increasing efficiency mostly in businesses to optimize and accelerate decision-making processes regardless of the participants’ locations.

While Video Conferencing has emerged as a boon for the business sector in difficult times of coronavirus, it also has some disadvantages to it. Read this article further to familiarize yourself with the disadvantages of the same.

Disadvantages of Video Conferencing

No personal interaction

Nothing would replace a personal interaction like a smile or a handshake. In business dealings it is important to win trust and respect for the other party. A video conference may prove insufficient to achieve this. It is better to meet personally in such cases.

Technical problems

Working with laptops is always associated with technical problems like hardware failure, network connection issues, software issues, etc. Environmental changes also affect the connectivity. It will be a loss if some problem arises at the crucial moment.

Video Conferencing

Costly setup

It can be costly for small companies to set up a video-conference in the office. Many simple and advanced features come with video conferencing. While the simple ones are less expensive, the advanced ones cost a little too much.

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More working hours

Even though it is easy to conduct the conference at any time, it is practically difficult for people working in different time zones. After working the whole day in the office there may be important updates to be given to the team members working in the next shift at a different location. This would mean spending the evening in the conference thus making you work more hours than paid for.

Delay in response

Even though participants of the conference can be from across the globe, there are some difficulties faced due to this long distance. A slight delay between responses that come from one side to the other side of the world is a common thing. You might have noticed this if you have attended international calls.

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